About Us

Proa celebrates regionalism and art through prints that bring nature and color to clothing. Created in 2017 by sisters Camila and Gabriela Lemos, Proa creates original prints that are hand-painted on paper by Camila using watercolor, gouache and markers before being digitally transferred to fabrics and turned into exclusive clothing.

The brand is based in Brazil and all the pieces are made locally. Our ethical, women-led production process prioritizes sustainability from start to finish.
Our fabrics are chosen to be gentle to skin and we want each piece to live the longest life possible, more than just one season.


Each of our prints celebrates the beauty of nature and tells a unique story. Every pattern is hand-painted and after this exciting process, digitally printed onto fabrics - an eco-friendly process that consume less water and other resources, while providing beautiful and vibrant colors. Camila, the creative mind of the small business, is the designer behind all the creations. After that, Gabi takes care of all the logistics to ensure each garment reaches our customers in perfect condition.

Having spreading color to numerous cities across Brazil, we are now excited to share our beautiful work with the whole world.


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